Download Crystal Icons Depict Various Gemstones Freeware

Desktop Crystal Icons for Mac OS  v.2010.1

Desktop Crystal Icons is a collection of stock images representing all kinds of crystals and gems - from ice and snowflakes to rubies and diamonds. Technically, the collection includes icons in a variety of resolutions (16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32,

Vista Artistic Icons for Mac OS  v.2.6

Make your software look great with a set of professional-quality software stock icons in raster and vector formats. Vista Artistic employ Vista style to depict various objects and concepts commonly used in software products. Modern looks and stylish

Free Large Android Icons  v.2012.1

Free Large Android Icons picture various artificial creatures, such as robots, crawlers and androids. Not only does the set present the creatures themselves, it also shows their moods and actions.

Perfect Bank Icons for Mac OS  v.2009.4

Enhance an accounting package or banking software with appealing graphics. Perfect Bank Icons depict numerous concepts and symbols related to accounting and banking, including currencies, financial symbols, files, customers, percentage points, and

Black Hand Icons for Mac OS  v.2010.2

A collection of royalty-free icons representing various universally recognizable gestures and hand signs. There are icons for numbers from 1 to 5 (and zero), thumbs up and thumbs down, victory, handshake, prayer and more. Each image comes in

Bitcons -

Update: Bitcons now comes in four more sizes with the release of Bitcons+. Introduction Bitcons, the predecessor of Sanscons, is a mini-pixel icon set (16A?16 pixels) containing 91 121 individual icons for various subjects. Each pixel for every icon

City Icon Pack

A unique set of icons with various fashionable symbolsThe City icon pack contains 16 high quality (256x256 pixels) icons. All the icons come in both PNG and ICO variants. This package includes: Hollywood Ticket icon, Umbrella icon, Hot Dog Car icon,

AWicons Lite  v.10.0

User interfaces are getting better and better every year. The most important part of any good graphical user interface is iconic graphics. A small image that takes only a couple dozens of pixels can sometimes have more meaning than a paragraph of

Kandyan Crystal Glass Icons  v.2.00

KCG ICONS Are Available In Multi Color Schemes. KCG ICONS Are Available In 128, 96, 64, 48, 32, 24, 16 Pixels Of Sizes. Best For Windows Sytem s , Sofware Developers, Web Designers, Interface Designers And

Perfect Database Icons for Mac OS  v.2009.3

A collection of royalty-free ready-made icons for use in various database products, including software applications, information websites and presentations. The icons have been carefully created pixel by pixel by professional artists. They shine

Desktop Boss Icons for Mac OS  v.2010.1

The collection of Desktop Boss Icons include highly detailed images representing various kinds of leaders and forepersons: from army and police officers to corporate executives, from members of royal family to teachers and administrators. The icons

Free Twilight Desktop Icons  v.2010.1

Free Twilight Desktop Icons is a collection of 12 free icons for personal and commercial use (software applications, websites, blogs etc.) representing various characters, concepts and symbols of Twilight Saga. The images are distributed under a

MB Free Crystal Healing  v.1.50

MB Free Crystal Healing is one of the best guiding tools for crystal healing purposes. The program is extremely simple and very useful for people of all ages who would like to practice crystal healing or crystal therapy.

MB Crystal Healing  v.1.60

MB Free Crystal Healing is one of the best guiding tools for crystal healing purposes. The program is extremely simple and very useful for people of all ages who would like to practice crystal healing or crystal therapy.

MB Crystal Divination  v.1.05

MB Crystal Divination generates a crystal based reading for your day-to-day problems. This will guide you to find solutions for your problems and help you attain your goals.

Free Large Business Icons  v.2011.1

Free Large Business Icons represent a free icon collection well-suited for websites and programs associated with all sorts of business activities. The icon set is available for instant and absolutely free download.

Box icons  v.1

Box icons 1 is a free application designed for various archive types, like 7z, zip, rar and others. Box Icons are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5

Crystal B and W -

94 icons and png compatible Windows XP and Vista. Crystal B&W icon pack contains 94 splendid icons available in ICO and PNG

Desktop Halloween Icons  v.2012

Halloween is allmost here! Decorate your desktop or website with this amazing set of scary and nasty, but attractive icons! The set holds images for Halloween, Pumpkin, Ghost, Cauldron, Spider, Skeleton and a lot more! It's all available to you for free.

Flags Icons  v.1.0

Flags Icons is a package of icons that will surely bring a special look to any computer. This icons come in an .icl icon library so you will have to use a specific program to extract them. Flags Icons are represeting various formats of icons for

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